Travel technology news

Information and communication technologies (ICT) play a huge role in smart tourism, because tourism is about getting impressions and unique experiences, that is, information.
Moreover, any trip is associated with huge information flows between the tourist and the tourism business, because before the trip, the tourist must make a lot of information interactions – choose and book a hotel, find and buy an air ticket, find what to do at the destination, what transport to use during the trip etc.
During the trip, the tourist continues information interactions, as he needs to navigate on electronic maps, information about the opening hours of museums and restaurants, train schedules, etc. In addition, he can share his impressions and content on social networks and travel sites.
That is why travel technology is given a lot of attention. Not a single event in the world of tourism is complete without a discussion of digitalization, the number of travel startups is growing, and digital travel marketing is developing. Despite this, it must be admitted that not all information problems of tourism are solved successfully, and at the same time, information on this topic is clearly not enough for practical application.
In this section, we publish news of information and communication technologies and talk about new ones that make the life of tourists easier, more comfortable and meaningful.

How NINJA WiFi helps travelers in Japan to have a stable Internet connection and use all smart tourism technologies.

Interview with i’way – a worldwide transfer booking service trusted by large companies, travel agencies and private travelers around the world to organize transfers.

The hospitality industry is trying to cope with the crisis by developing and implementing new digital technologies such as robots, audio guides, and special apps.

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