Audit and monitoring of online work

Nowadays, many tourism businesses and organizations spend a lot of money and time on marketing on the internet. Nevertheless, it is often the case that social networks do not attract many customers. This becomes a big problem as a lot of organizations focus on social networks in their advertisement strategy. This results in low website traffic, as there are very few customers coming from the internet. We propose the following reasons of why this could be happening:

  1. Managers and performers do not know the basics of internet marketing.
  2. Person in charge does not perceive the work on the internet as a single system. Usually such person is not aware how it works and how it should be built.
  3. Online advertising management decisions are made intuitively and not based on facts or data.
  4. Organization does not have clear criteria of what is important and what is not, what is a good approach and what is bad.
  5. Organization neglects or completely ignores data analytics and statistics.

We have developed a new solution that will allow not only to understand the current state of affairs, but also to organize all work on the internet in the most efficient way. What is important is that users can choose to monitor this growth in numbers every day, once a month or once a quarter.

Our innovative solution is an online checking of the internet marketing of a travel organization. The check is complex as it includes evaluation of all internet activities of our clients.

We have developed a special author’s method for calculating Smart Tourism indices. On the basis of this method we collect and process data for a given organization, and we can always determine how well the work is done online by this organization. Experts from the tourism industry and mathematics took part in the development of the methodology.

If you are the manager or marketing manager of a hotel, museum, tour operator, travel agency, visitor center or DMO this solution is designed for you. Of course, one needs to understand that there is no magic or magic pills in this methodology. Everything is done on the basis of figures, data and facts personally calculated for your organization. In fact, this is a way to stand “on the other side of the counter” and see your organization through the eyes of buyers and tourists.

Description and download link of the methodology for calculating smart tourism indices for hotels.
Description and download link of the methodology for calculating smart tourism indices for a destination marketing organization.

How to start? Simply write us an email in any form you like (unofficial is totally fine) . Tell us what is your name and what kind of business you represent. Within three days you will receive the cost of the online verification. The request does not impose any obligations on you or your organization.

What do we evaluate? The analysis includes the following aspects:

  • Сorrect operation of the website, its technical condition, shortcomings and ways to correct it with the calculation of the STW index.
  • Internet activity based on the STA index, including social media.
  • Online collaboration with STC index calculation.
  • Analysis of customer reviews, ways to increase them and the correctness of working with them with the calculation of the STR index.
  • A global STG index showing the overall online state of an organization.

What is the end result of the test? As a result, we give our customers a complete objective report on the state of their online marketing for the current month, based on digital data with conclusions and recommendations on how they can improve their online marketing.

What is the cost of the service? The cost of a comprehensive inspection service starts from 200 Euros and depends on the scope of work, type and size of the organization.

How can I pay? Based on your email request, we will calculate the cost of the work and send you a commercial offer. After our proposal is approved, we start the work. Prepayment is not required. After sending the final report, we will generate an invoice for payment, which can be paid at any bank. The beneficiary is Center Smart Tourism GmbH registered in Germany.

Email for your inquiries:

We provide a service to check the quality of your site for all the necessary parameters. We also provide recommendations for correcting errors.

We provide a service for checking your pages on social networks according to all the necessary parameters. We also provide recommendations for correcting errors.

We provide a service for checking pages on review sites. We also give recommendations on working with such sites.

We provide a service for checking your presence on electronic cards. We also give recommendations for working with maps.

We provide a service to check your online reputation. We also provide recommendations for its improvement.

We provide a service for checking your placement on third-party Internet resources. We also provide recommendations for work in this direction.