More than 3 million tourists already use izi.Travel in their travels. It contains audio guides from various tourist routes and museums around the world in different languages. The mobile audio guide on the platform of this application is very convenient for city tours. And it doesn’t matter whether it is a walking tour or using any kind of transport.

Audio information in different languages ​​about the sights of your destination is entered into the audio guide library of the application. Also their coordinates are applied in a special program. For a tourist it is enough to install the application on their mobile device and select a tour. If you pre-download the tour to your device, then you won’t need an Internet connection on the way. Thanks to geolocation, the device will begin to play audio information as soon as a tourist approaches a sight. Also, a route map will be displayed on the screen, and the tourist will always be able to see where he is and where to go next.

If the tourist is only going to visit your destination, he will be able to pre-select the suitable tours in the language he needs. All information in the form of photographs, text and audio files, as well as a map of your tours will be available in the library of the application and on the website of the same name.

In addition, being open on a computer anywhere in the world, the audio guide turns into a virtual tour.