This city has many names.

The city of tulips – indeed, there are a lot of them; Amsterdam is one of the top flower sellers in Europe.

The city of canals – Amsterdam is built on piles and surrounded by many canals with hudreds of bridges. Here boat trips are held regular. Not far from the Central railway station, there are three pierses with free ferryboats to cross the river.

The city of sin – because… well, everyone knows why. Visiting a cofeeshop or walking by Red-light district makes you feel moral liberty.

The city of museums – Amsterdam has about 50 museums: from computers to hashish, marijuana and cannabis. Some museums periodically make free tours.

The city of cheese. Before buying well known Dutch cheese, visit specialized cheese shop where you can taste different types of cheese without limits. Then you can buy the one you really liked.

The locals call the city IAmsterdam. You will find unforgettable impressions from wonderful architecture and many other shapes of this city.

Amsterdam is also known as the smart city capital because it has more than 200 mobile apps from toilet map to canals scheme.

All the main city sights are located in the center so walking is the best way to have a look at them. You can book a free walking tour or, if you prefer self dependence, use a free audio guide.