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Our Information is Suitable for Everyone

We try to select information materials in a way that their study and understanding does not require special training in the field of digital technologies, and so that anyone with Internet access can use smart tourism technologies.

Why Smart Tourism

Smart tourism brings tourists more unique experiences and better conveys the cultural and historical code of the destination, thanks to the abundance of useful information from the Internet.
Smart tourism reduces the likelihood of stress and unpleasant surprises, because tourists are informed in advance about what to do, where to go and what rules to follow.
Smart tourism is more environmentally friendly, if only because it reduces paper consumption, since smart tourists do not use paper guides, catalogs, maps, etc.
In general, smart tourists are better prepared and educated, and therefore more likely to travel safer.

The Mission of This Internet Portal

The mission of this portal is to help tourists and tourism organizations understand the essence and intricacies of smart tourism, and ultimately, teach participants of the tourism process, regardless of their place of residence or place of travel, how to use all the benefits and opportunities that modern information technologies provide us.


In the "News" section you will find the latest news in the field of smart tourism, interviews with key figures in world tourism, information about new trends, directions and innovations in tourism, the schedule of upcoming and recordings of past webinars, conferences and summits.

For Tourists

In this section we publish useful information for travelers. There are descriptions of smart tourism technologies, practical tips on how to use them, a list of mobile applications for traveling, and an overview of popular travel blogs.

For Organisations

We provide consulting services, tutorials, methodologies, audits and trainings in the field of Internet marketing for various tourism organizations, museums, travel agents and DMOs. Also, we are engaged in the production of audio guides for museums and city tours.

Smart tourism is essentially a state in which tourists require nothing but a smartphone and internet connection. The goal of smart tourism is for tourism organizations to provide useful and up-to-date information to tourists through the internet.

Topical Articles

Based on our experience and developments, we produce various educational and methodical manuals.

We have collected the most significant events in the world of tourism that are related to smart tourism, technology and innovation.

Checking the completeness and accuracy of posting information about your company or destination on the Internet with the issuance of reports and recommendations for improvement.

There needs to be development and popularization of different ways of tourism that would allow people with disabilities to feel themselves full-fledged travelers.

The globalization of tourism is becoming a clear trend in the development of tourism. Practices to reduce the negative impact on tourism through smart tourism.

What should a Smart City look like in order for a tourist to have a full-fledged trip with only smartphone and the Internet?