Useful tips

The concept of tourism is all about getting experience and impressions. Smart tourism fits very well into this picture. Smart tourism makes tourists more aware and gives them complete information about the destination and touristic services. The area of tourism is full of useful tips, which are shared on the internet by ordinary tourists and touristic organizations.

Smart tourists are clearly well-informed people. They widely use various life hacks while travelling. This helps them save plenty of time, nerves and money. Further on, there is huge number of different applications and websites for tourists. However, it is not always possible to immediately understand how to put them into practice, and what convenience they provide to tourists. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not even realize the existence of useful functions in their own smartphone, or that there are convenient applications to install and use.

In this section we briefly talk about the useful features of your smartphone. This includes the information about the best travel applications, as well as various small travel tricks to make travel more economical, conscious and comfortable.

Help other tourists! If you know or use some life hacks while traveling, please share them with us. We will publish them in this section, so that as many people as possible would be able use them. Please feel free to send us your travel hack in any convenient way using the following link:

Usually when traveling the internet access is either difficult or expensive. How to solve this problem?

Going abroad check your provider for roaming rates in the country of destination as well as about promotions and discounts.

What to do if you want to see all the sights and get as much information as possible? The answer is audio guides.

The latest and original technologies related to smart tourism.

Meetings, round tables, conferences and other events related to smart tourism.

The main feature of the cloud services is to store your information safe and accessible any moment.

Preparing for a travel a lot of people face a problem where to store the important files or what happens if a phone or tablet would be damaged.

When it comes to the choice of taking a smartphone or tablet on travel it always depends on everyone’s individual needs.

From a wide range of devices on the Android platform, you need to choose the one which is able to satisfy all requirements.

For most people, a smartphone can completely replace a laptop while traveling.

You must carefully calculate your time and here technology comes to help a tourist.