Social networks are becoming the most important elements of Internet marketing, especially in tourism, because more and more tourists make decisions about trips, visits and purchases based on the opinions of other people, their contacts and friends. And the most active exchange of views these days takes place precisely on social networks.

Checking your pages on social networks (subject to temporary access to page statistics) includes the following services:

assessment of public involvement,

assessment of the uniqueness of content,

interest or its absence by subscribers,

assessment of interaction with page visitors,

assessment of the page effectiveness in generating traffic (if any),

assessment of the correctness of content placement,

testing of business pages and accounts in social networks for a focus group selected at the request of the customer (country, age, interests, etc.),

Full report on identified issues and recommendations for improving the page and content.

For a preliminary assessment of the work, simply send your request to the email: 

Destinations Online Checking