Our Partners

The building of smart tourism is unthinkable without very broad cooperation between all interested organizations, both in digital technology and in tourism.

Our portal cooperates with various organizations one way or another connected with smart tourism, and we are open for cooperation with any persons and organizations in this direction.

Various regional, industry and global tourism alliances can play an important role in spreading the ideas of smart tourism, because they bring together stakeholders and leaders of most tourism organizations.

Exhibitions and conferences are a meeting point for tourism professionals and a place where we can also discuss and promote ideas for sustainable development of smart tourism .

Nowadays, thanks to the Internet and the development of technology, any scientist, specialist or even a tourist can become an opinion leader comparable to the media.

To cover the problems and news of tourism, there are a lot of online information resources. We carry out information cooperation with them.

Training and education, the development of digital skills is one of the most important factors for the success of any company on the Internet.

In the process of building smart tourism, various modern technologies could be helpful to evaluate the website, measure the website position in the search, monetize any tourism project, make your own audio guide, etc.