Cars, bicycles, scooters, and quad bikes are some of the most comfortable personal vehicles for traveling. Moreover, they are among the safest from an epidemiological point of view, since they exclude contact with a large number of people and reduce the risk of infection with viruses and bacteria.

Also, personal transport allows a tourist to have a more vivid tourist experience due to the freedom of movement and schedule.

But since trips usually last a short time, it makes no sense to acquire these vehicles, which makes the rental service very popular.

Naturally, there are car rental spots at any airport, but it’s not always convenient to rent a vehicle upon arrival: they don’t always have the required car, sometimes you have to wait in lines, and study all the conditions and rules on the spot.

The solution is online booking, which allows tourists to book the necessary vehicle in advance, and transport rental companies can prepare the necessary vehicle directly for their arrival.

Almost all transport rental companies already have an online booking service. But there are also aggregators, platforms and search engines that allow you to choose the most profitable and suitable provider of this service.

We should not forget that often through the Internet you can find some special offers and rent a vehicle on more favorable terms.

Information disclosure. We are affiliated partners of several systems for searching and booking vehicles. This means that if after visiting their page you buy or book something, we will receive a small reward. This reward does not increase the final price and you do not have to pay anything more than what is indicated on the site!

The recommendation applicable to any online purchases – check several sources, do not be lazy to look for the most suitable and profitable options. What’s more, finding the best transportation can be fun and exciting, often with tangible financial benefits for tourists.

Important. It should be remembered that different platforms may have contracts with different service providers and under different conditions, while with some they may not have any relationship at all. This means that the same rental service can be found on different platforms at different prices, and on some it will not be available at all. That is why it is so important to research different platforms before traveling, compare prices and look for the most suitable transport services.

This service allows you to search and compare the conditions of different car rental service providers. The service operates in 145+ countries, 10,000+ locations and has more than 500 proven reliable partners.

When you go to their site, a standard search form opens:

Here you can enter the destination, pick-up and drop-off dates, and click the Search now button.

The system will display a list of all found offers available for booking for the given dates:

The default sorting of the results is by price, however, the list can be easily rearranged by other parameters by clicking the Sort by button on the right and choosing not only price, but also rating as one of the sorting options.

Each offer is accompanied by a large amount of necessary information:

To find out the detailed rental conditions, you should click on the Rental Conditions in the lower left corner:

When you select one or another item of the conditions, the detailed text will be revealed:

For further convenience and personalization of the choice, there are filters on the left that allow you to display rental offers only by selected parameters, such as Special offers, Car specifications, Number of seats, etc.

After you have chosen the offer, you should click the View button and then, if everything suits you, fill in the fields with personal information and click the Book now button:

As a result, a booking confirmation, which later should be presented at the pick-up point of the car, will be sent to the email you specified.

It is worth noting such a useful thing for smart tourism that the website works in 17 languages. The language selection button is located at the top right of any page:

We have looked at this example in detail to help you understand how it works. We will consider other examples briefly, taking into account that the interface and work in certain services are very similar and built on the same principles.

In general, the service is similar to the previous one. After opening the website, you will see a standard search window:

The feature of the service is that before searching, you can specify your place of residence, preferred language and currency in which it is more convenient to see prices. Select the button on the top right:

After pressing the Search button, the system will display the results in a list:

Like other services, you can select sorting modes and apply various filters.

The interesting thing about this platform is that it directly connects local distributors, including individuals and potential customers. The platform is essentially a marketplace where private owners can post their offers for the rental of their own vehicles, not only cars, but also motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, quad bikes.

When you go to the site, a standard search form opens:

You can choose one of 15 languages and any currency in the upper right corner:

After choosing a destination, you should select a car class, indicate the desired price and your contacts to receive offers. Otherwise, the platform differs little from others.

This service is interesting because it allows you to search for a yacht or boat for rent. This is rather unusual, but it seems that we will soon see the growth of such services.

Finding a yacht for rent is quite simple, it is almost the same as renting a car, except for the price.

The site has a standard search form familiar to us from other services, where you need to enter the destination, dates, type of boat and click the Search button:

The platform will display all found and free ships in a single list.

This example shows all 760 yacht offers in Turkey, but indicates that only 623 are available on the dates we have set.

By changing the search criteria using various filters, such as budget, length, year of construction, you can reduce this list to fit your criteria and choose the most suitable offer.

Along with the usual modes of transport, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles and other types of light personal transport are becoming more and more popular among tourists.

Naturally, the growth in popularity leads to the emergence of various Internet platforms offering the rental of such vehicles. is an example of a platform that offers this lighter and more environmentally friendly form of transportation. When you go to the site, a standard search form will open:

After completing the necessary parameters, the system will display a list of all rental offers found in the specified location:

Then, using filters and buttons, you can display the results according to the specified criteria or view the offers and book a particular vehicle.


Currently, with the development of smart tourism around the world and the growing coverage of online services in various areas of tourism, it can be assumed that there will be more and more transport rental services. Therefore, it is important to learn how to search and book vehicles via the Internet. This will save you time on the trip and will allow you not to stand in lines. In addition, you will be spared from various surprises when concluding a lease agreement, unless you carefully study the rental conditions without haste, being at home in comfortable conditions.

And remember – until you click the Book now button, you don’t pay anything to anyone and you can improve your smart tourist skills in searching transport rental services as much as you want.