In order to understand an unfamiliar language, speak it, read signs and menus, navigate foreign websites, it is not necessary to learn the language, hire a translator or buy dictionaries. Nowadays, a smartphone or tablet with installed Google Translator is enough to solve a language problem. To date, this application supports 108 languages ​​and provides a variety of translation options.

Since our site is focused on Smart tourism, let’s consider the capabilities of the Google Translate mobile application, which is installed by default on devices running Android. If you have an iPhone, then you can install this application by scanning this QR code:

Let’s get acquainted with the main interface of the application. First you need to select languages you want to translate. To do this, click on the language on the right, a list of languages ​​will open, and you will need to choose which language you will translate from. If you find it difficult to choose or the language is not familiar to you, select “Detect language”. Then click on the language on the right and select the language into which you want to translate the text, phrase or word. For example, we have chosen English and German, which can be swapped by clicking on the arrows between them.

The easiest way to translate is to paste the previously copied text by clicking the “Paste” button. If you want to enter text, then you need to select “Enter text” and type text on the keyboard. Moreover, the application also supports handwriting. To do this, click the corresponding icon in the upper right corner and enter the text with your finger. The application will recognize the text and translate it.

On Android smartphones, there is a function for quick translation from any application where you can select text. For example, you can open a website in a browser and select the required fragment. Then you need to expand the context menu by clicking on the three dots and select “Translate”. A mini translator window will open on the application screen, where you can change the language, listen to the pronunciation, or copy the text if necessary. If you want to translate the entire page of the website, in Google Chrome this can be done by clicking 3 dots on the right corner of the screen. Then, in the menu that opens, select “Translate” and select the desired language.

At the bottom of the main menu screen there are 3 icons – “Conversation”, “Microphone” and “Camera”. By selecting “Microphone”, you activate the simultaneous interpretation of oral speech. The device can hear and translate from a foreign language into your language, as well as translate your speech into foreign languages. Just speak phrases into your smartphone’s microphone, and it will read them aloud and display those phrases on the screen.

If you select the “Conversation” icon, you can talk to another person in different languages ​​by first selecting the languages ​​of conversation and alternately selecting the desired language. In this case, the device will voice and display simultaneous translation on the screen. If you select the “Auto” icon between languages, then the application will determine which of the two languages ​​​​is currently sounding and immediately translate into another.

If you use certain expressions often, you can save them in your own phrasebook. To do this, after making a translation, you need to click in the translation area, and then click on the star symbol that will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. The translated word or phrase, along with the original, will be saved in your personal phrasebook. You can activate it by clicking the star icon in the upper left corner of the main menu screen.

The “Camera” icon activates the translation of texts using the camera built into the smartphone. This is a very handy feature for translating printed texts such as books, documents, posters, announcements, signs, etc.

Activate the function by clicking on the “Camera” icon. Point the camera at the text and immediately get the translation. Clicking “Pause translation” will freeze the image. By clicking again, continue the instant translation.

If you need to translate only individual words or phrases in a text, use the “Scan” function. By clicking the corresponding icon, point the camera at the text and press the round button at the bottom of the screen. The device will scan the text and highlight each word in a separate frame. Select the words you want to translate and just mark them with your finger. If you want to translate all the highlighted words, click “Select all”

By clicking the “Import” icon, you can also scan and translate individual words of a document or photo from the memory of your mobile device. To do this, you need to select the desired file, and the rest of the procedure is exactly the same as in scanning with a camera.

We hope that this application will be your faithful assistant in foreign travels. And in order not to be dependent on the availability of the Internet during the trip, we advise you to download the necessary language dictionaries that you may need into your smartphone in advance. It is done quite simply. Open the application, click any of the 2 languages, select the required language from the drop-down list and click the download icon opposite it. Then confirm your actions by clicking “Download” and select the download method – Wi-Fi or mobile network.

Bon voyage!