We present to your attention a list of cities that are most suitable for independent travel. In our opinion, these cities can be called smart cities. It means that they provide a sufficient number of online services for smart travel. Using your mobile device, you can find in each of these cities everything you need for a complete travel.

AMSTERDAM. This city has many names.The city of tulips – indeed, there are a lot of them; Amsterdam is one
ATHENS. Athens is known as “cradle of civilization”. It is one of the most ancient cities where legends and myths
BANGKOK. Bangkok can hardly be called a tourist’s paradise despite being called the city of angels. It can shock a
BARCELONA. Barcelona is the capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia, as well as the second most populous municipality of
BERLIN. The largest in size and population city in Germany is its capital. Berlin is a modern metropolis, important cultural
BUDAPEST. Speaking about the most beautiful cities of Europe, we could not miss Budapest. The majestic Danube River divides it