We present to your attention a list of cities that are most suitable for independent travel. In our opinion, these cities can be called smart cities. It means that they provide a sufficient number of online services for smart travel. Using your mobile device, you can find in each of these cities everything you need for a complete travel.

Many experts who study the impact of high technology on the population recognize Singapore as one of the smartest cities in the world.

Amsterdam is known as the Smart city capital because it has more than 200 mobile apps from toilet map to canals scheme.

Greece capital fits the requirements of Smart city, you can plan your travel to Athens yourself following links on our website.

Bangkok is great for smart tourism. Due to the wide range of Internet services we can say with confidence it is a smart city.

Like any other tourist city, there are big queues. We recommend to buy tickets online. It is simple as Barcelona is a Smart city and friendly for Smart tourism.

Berlin is a Smart City. Smart Tourism is very popular here. You can easily make a trip to this distinctive city yourself.

Budapest is perfect for independent travel, and links on our website will help you to plan it.