With Google calendar you will not forget, miss or oversleep something important.

You can make a plan of the day, week, month and year. The calendar will remind you of all important events.

You will not forget of upcoming birthdays of friends and relatives as the calendar can automatically sync the dates from your contacts in the phone.

You will be informed about the dates of holidays in any country.

Google Calendar automatically remind you of events scheduled in other services. Save the information on upcoming events and its location and show them on the map.

You can make reminders which you will get on email. In addition, you can send and accept invitations to events from your friends, relatives and colleagues by email.

You can also create multiple calendars to make it easier distinguishing between business, personal and other meetings and events.
Like all Google applications, the calendar interacts with other services, for example Google now, through which you can add events by voice or view upcoming events.

Detailed instructions for using this application are HERE.

In the Android system Calendar is installed by default. You can install this application on your iPhone by scanning this QR code: