For destinations, the economic component of tourism and the support of local residents is very important, so tourism should provide opportunities for earning money to locals in the first place. In addition, by buying from local residents, you not only fight poverty and unemployment, but also replenish the local budget with sales taxes, so the destination will be able to maintain and improve in the future.

In addition, certain countries and cities suffer from the invasion of tourists, which causes discomfort to local residents, therefore we recommend avoiding visiting such places or planning visits during quiet hours or the low season.

It should also be studied, especially if you visit a city, when rush hours come, and try not to overload the streets, transport, public institutions with your presence during these hours. You can go to a museum or an exhibition, or go outside the city, or visit a botanical park.

In addition, in many destinations large group tours cause dissatisfaction with local residents, therefore we recommend organizing an independent tour for yourself after having previously studied the sights online. For some places there are individual audio tours, for example on izi.TRAVEL, so we recommend checking their availability in advance and using them in an individual tour.