Easy and accessible about smart tourism

Today, the development of technology allows anyone to do solo traveling regardless of origin, financial status and age. Our website will help you to travel independently all around the world


Smart tourism is essentially a state in which tourists require nothing but a smartphone and internet connection. The goal of smart tourism is for tourism organizations to provide useful and up-to-date information to tourists through the internet.

Useful Information for Those Interested in Smart Tourism

Travel technologies for booking tickets and hotels, travel planning and navigation.
Applications for mobile devices that allow tourists to go on trips without a guide, translator and map.
Destinations that are most suitable for smart tourism, where much has been done for a comfortable and safe smart travel. 

We have developed simple rules. that any tourist can follow. And if all the tourists in the world adhere to them, we hope that we will all be able to quickly improve the situation both on the whole Earth and in the tourism industry.

Tips for beginner tourists on the use of information and communication
technologies and gadgets in travel.
Stories and tips of experienced travelers and travel bloggers about their use of technologies and applications for tourism.