Loading speed

According to various studies, website loading speed is one of the main parameters that affects user behavior, and therefore the website position in the search.

Indeed, according to Google research, 53% of users will not wait more than 3 seconds for a website to load.

Nowadays, a website loading speed of 0.4 seconds is considered normal.

It is believed that slow loading speed is one of the most annoying moments for users.

In order to periodically measure the loading speed of your website, there are several free services.

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights 

One of the simplest tools: just open the service and type the domain name of your website.

Despite being easy to use, it is one of the most powerful and popular tools.

It can separately check the loading speed of both the desktop and mobile versions of the website, and give recommendations for speeding up.

Yandex Webmaster contains a website loading speed meter within the entire service 

Other services for measuring website loading speed:




Website ranking in search


The service allows you to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the website’s search results – SERP (Search Engine Results Page). It evaluates many search parameters, including competitors. In general, the service is paid, though a limited version is free for one project.

Similarweb is a powerful tool for traffic analysis of your own and your competitors’ websites.

Search console  is a free tool for analyzing the search traffic of your own website. It is a special Google service that allows you to evaluate the status of your website’s index in the Google search engine. Along with statistics, it gives recommendations and shows errors on the website pages that interfere with search robots.

Sitechecker is a tool for finding technical errors on the website, as well as monitoring and audit. There are paid and free options.

Yandex Webmaster is a comprehensive website checking service that includes various tools.

Checking content uniqueness

The uniqueness is one of the important characteristics of content, since search engines give preference to original and unique content in their search.

In order to check the work of copywriters, there are various uniqueness checking services. Many of them are free, but access to advanced features or priority service may require payment or a subscription.