How does a mobile audio guide work in a museum?

Everything is very simple. The visitor’s mobile device with the necessary application will serve as an audio guide. The application is called izi.Travel. It is a library of audio guides around the world. If your museum enters this library, special QR codes will be located near its exhibits. By accessing the application on his mobile device, the visitor will be able to scan the QR code or type the exhibit number. After that, audio information in the language of his choice will automatically turn on.

The mobile audio guide in the museum will work even without an internet connection, if the visitor downloads it on his mobile device in advance.

Some museums still use multimedia devices that give out to visitors as an audio guide. But they require maintenance, storage, charging, repair and also have a service life. A mobile audio guide does not have all these disadvantages. All information is on the Internet, and each visitor already has the necessary equipment – this is his smartphone or iPhone. Moreover, all information about your museum in the form of texts, audio files and photos will be available to all users of the application. And there are already more than 3 million users around the world.

In addition, being open on a computer anywhere in the world, the audio guide turns into a virtual tour.