Speaking about the most beautiful cities of Europe, we could not miss Budapest. The majestic Danube River divides it into 2 parts. In the 19th century, two separate cities of Buda and Pest united in one, so arose the capital of Hungary. Today it is original and unique city, in which you want to return. About 20 million tourists come here annually to enjoy great views, take a walk on the green parks and squares, visit the famous thermal baths.

Budapest is rightly called the “Pearl of the Danube”. Smart tourism lovers say that Budapest can be surely placed into the category of Smart City. It is perfect for independent travel, and links on our website will help you to plan it.

We can talk a lot about architecture and landmarks of Budapest, but it is better to come here and see everything with your own eyes. Suffice it to say that the city center is listed in the world UNESCO heritage. This city is also unique for having more than 120 healing springs and this is the only capital having resort status.

In addition, the cultural life of the Hungarian capital is rich and varied. There are about 30 museums and 20 theaters in the city, many national restaurants with amazingly tasty cuisine, dozens of nightclubs and bars. And the city festivals attract guests from all over the world: it is spring classical music festival, rock festivals Sziget and Budapesti Bucsu, and the September festival of wine Budavári Borfesztivál.

The main city sights are located near to each other. Most of them can be foot walked. If walking does not attract you – rent a bike, use a tourist bus or public transport. Budapest metro was built first in Europe and is one of the main city sights.

Hungarians are very proud of their country and language, so be respectful to local customs and traditions.