Since the Internet is still a business, then naturally, there are various technologies to promote a business, apply various systems to increase or generate revenue, and attract customers.

Yandex Direct is an advertising system of Yandex search engine that allows to place ads not only on search engines, but also on the YAN partner network (Yandex Advertising Network), as well as on other advertising platforms.

Google Ads is an advertising system of Google search engine. Allows you to place ads on the search, as well as on the GDN (Google Display Network).

Yandex Keyword Statistics is a service for issuing query statistics in Yandex. Allows to evaluate the number of queries not only by keyword, but also by time and location.

Google Trends – is a Google query statistics service. It does not give absolute values ​​of queries, but shows only the main trends – general growth or decline. Allows you to evaluate trends by location and time.

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram – Advertising manager of the 2 most popular social networks owned by META. Allows you to set up and pay for advertising in these social networks.

My target – An advertising network that includes popular resources such as OK, VK, Mail ru and others. Allows you to monetize projects by connecting to an advertising network.

Travelpayouts – An advertising network that allows you to monetize travel website or blog traffic, as well as buy affiliate traffic for online businesses.

Google Adsense Monetization system of Google. Allows you to monetize any projects through advertising.