Center Smart Tourism, along with open publications and research, has the opportunity to conduct individual confidential consultations regarding the construction and state of smart tourism for any tourism and near tourism organizations.

We advise museums, hotels, visit centers, travel agencies, CBTs and DMOs on the development of smart tourism and the proper application of technology and online promotion.

Obviously, individual consultations involve payment for our services.

The amount of payment is subject to agreement, but in any case depends on the scope of work.

The most common consultations cover questions:

  • calculation of smart tourism indexes
  • online checking of Internet and social networks activity
  • development of recommendations for strengthening and improving Internet activity
  • online promotion strategy issues
  • any other issues related to smart tourism and online tourism

Also, we consult scientific and research organizations and communities, students and PhD applicants on the trends and state of smart tourism in the world.

In addition, we act as guest speakers and experts on smart tourism at various summits, conferences and webinars organized by tourism associations, exhibitions and educational organizations.

We are always ready to cooperate with any tourism organizations, and will be happy to consider all offers sent to the email: