Smart Tourism Research Center (STRC)

Smart Tourism Research Center (STRC) maintains a research agenda driven by smart tourism ecosystem, smart tourism city/destination, and smart applications to provide the insights into the sustainable development of smart tourism.

“Smart” has become a modern buzzword defining technical, economic and social innovations powered by sensor-based technologies, big data, open data, new ways of communicating and sharing of information (e.g., IOT, RFID, and NFC) as well as inferential and rational skills (Gretzel et al., 2015a).

The word “Smart Cities” was used to describe cities using advanced information and communication technology (ICT) to optimize the production and usage of resources (Gretzel et al., 2015b).

“Smart tourism”, which is literally seen as a service provided by the smart city, is thus conceived as a goal of smart tourism cities.

Since the understanding of smart tourism has not yet established, STRC aims to develop smart tourism ecosystem with a view to
1) designing various types of smart tourism business,
2) providing innovative tourism services based on data economy,
3) discovering challenges of smart tourism cities and providing a strategy to solve the problem,
4) implementing sustainable development goals (SDGs) for smart tourism cities.

STRC Vision
Practice and distribute for the sustainable development of smart tourism cities.

Leading professor is Prof. Namho Chung

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