Technology Partners

In the process of building smart tourism, various modern technologies could be helpful to evaluate the website, measure the website position in the search, monetize any tourism project, make your own audio guide, etc.

A powerful SEO analytics tool that measures the position and parameters of a website in organic search. It also has various additional tools, such as website audit, competitor analysis, keyword monitoring and much more. The platform is made for professionals, but it can also be useful for small businesses and projects, since along with paid tariffs, there is the possibility of free use of the service with somewhat limited features, which are quite enough for one small project.

A high-tech affiliate program allowing to monetize almost any tourism projects. Any registered partner or affiliate will be able to receive small commissions from bookings of a variety of travel services – air flights, hotels, railway tickets, museum tickets, etc. Any travel blog, content project or tourism website can be accepted as an affiliate.

An Internet service allowing to independently create an audio guide for a museum or a city tour, which users can download to their smartphones using a QR code or link.

The platform supports automatic synchronization of the geolocation of audio guides, so they can be used for both walking and car tours.

Using the platform is free, for self-study there is a detailed guide There is also a support service.