Leonid Andrianov

Editor-in-chief of CenterSmartTourism.

Graduated with a Film Technician degree.

Speaks English and Russian.

Worked as a senior engineer at the first 3D cinema in Kazakhstan for 5 years.

For a long time worked as an engineer at different equipment sites, at the same time was keen on music and psychology.

Used his technical and psychological skills while working for 7 years as an engineering trainer at Samsung.

Since 2016 works at CenterSmartTourism. For 2 years organized city and country tours for foreign tourists.

Has rich experience in communicating with foreign tourists from all over the world.

Currently working online as the chief editor of the portal.

Led and participated in creating of more then 20 audio guides for museums and tourist routes.

He is fond of music and psychology. Head of the author’s song club.

Linkedin Page https://www.linkedin.com/in/leoandrianov/