The cost of producing an audio guide is calculated based on the number of objects (attractions) or exhibits, as well as the number of languages ​​that will be available.

To calculate the cost, the following concepts apply:

Object – an exhibit in a museum or an attraction in the city or a point on a tourist route

Basic audio guide – an audio guide through a city or museum or a route with the content for 20 objects in English.

Content – audio tracks + text + photo or video for each object

The cost of a basic audio guide is 1250 Euro + VAT and includes the following works:

Creating a text description in English for each object

Processing photos of each object provided by the customer

Audio recording in English lasting up to 2 minutes for each object.

Placement in the izi.TRAVEL system

If necessary, laying a route on the map

At the request of the customer, content in any language can be added to the audio guide for an additional fee.

Additional charges for some popular languages:

Russian      – 1000 Euro

French       – 1600 Euro

Deutsch     – 1600 Euro

Spanish     – 1600 Euro

Arab           – 2100 Euro

Chinese     – 1000 Euro

Japanese  – 1000 Euro

Korean      – 1200 Euro

Payment and Production Terms

All work is done remotely.

No prepayment required.

Payment is made within 5 business days from the date of acceptance and verification of the audio guide by the customer

Before starting work, the customer provides a basis of information about objects sufficient to create descriptions and texts. Information is provided in any language.

Before starting work, the customer provides copyright photos or videos of objects. The rights to the photo and video must belong to the customer.

For a preliminary assessment of the work, simply send your request to the email: