Top 10 DMOs online report

This analytical report was prepared by specialists in the fields of tourism and mathematics. The report will be very useful for the leaders of DMOs of cities and countries of any size. It will also be useful for ministries of tourism and other organizations involved in the management and marketing of destinations. Finally, this report could be useful for professionals, teachers and students working and studying in the area of destination marketing.

In the report, we collected and analyzed quantitative and qualitative data on the online behavior of the top 10 destinations according to the Euromonitor report. We derived the average values of various Smart Tourism indices, which any DMO can strive for in order to be notable on the internet and compete with the best destinations. In addition, the authors truly believe that improving the online presence of any destination will help the development of smart tourism around the world. This will do a good service to tourists, who will be able to more easily obtain the necessary information about the destination and reduce friction both in preparing for the trip and during it.

The report is offered in electronic PDF format with attached supplementary Excel file containing all required templates for calculations of Smart Tourism indices. Using these templates, any destination can compare its performance with the top 10 destinations and understand how it can improve its presence on the internet. Moreover, if some DMO would evaluate this on regular basis, their destination would be able to monitor its successes or failures in online activities for certain periods of time.

In addition, we are ready to provide any after-sales support for the purchasers of the report, in particular on the use and implementation of Smart Tourism indices.

For review, you can download an introductory fragment of our report.

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