Lesson 12

Paid Advertising in Social Networks

Nowadays, almost all well-known social networks reduce the organic reach of business pages and communities.

What does it mean?

If you place a post on your business page without paid promotion, then no more than 10% of subscribers will see it, that is, those who definitely like your page. Many marketers believe that this figure is even lower and will continue to decline.

Similarly, in order to increase the number of subscribers it is necessary to attract them somehow, and there is practically no other way than paid advertising on social networks.

Cheats and spam of any kind no longer work and are simply prohibited in most social networks.

Why is this happening?

On the one hand, social networks are socializing, that is, becoming a network for people, not businesses.

On the other hand, many businesses have realized the possibilities for advertising their products and services on social networks, and social networks’ revenue from advertising is only growing. Accordingly, the price of this advertisement is also growing, as well as its demand.

Therefore, all social networks promote businesses only for payment, of course, if we are talking about serious promotion.

What is the point of advertising in social networks?

In fact, advertising on social networks is when a company pays a certain amount, and the social network shows its ad or post to the people chosen by some criteria defined by the company. This is called targeting. We’ll talk about it in the next lesson.

How to make advertising in different social networks?

Facebook allows only business pages to be advertised. Groups and personal pages cannot be promoted. The effectiveness of advertising depends on the budget, proper targeting, and advertising campaign settings. Advertising settings are made in the advertising office of the FB. More details here:


On Instagram it is possible to advertise any accounts. Everything is similar to the FB, and it’s better to configure advertising on Instagram in the FB’s advertising office, linked with the Instagram account. It gives all the options for setting targeted advertising. Basically, Instagram is one of the places where FB ads are placed.


Conclusions. If an organization wants serious promotion of its pages in social networks, then paid advertising is not enough. Advertising on social networks requires some experience, knowledge and skills, otherwise, advertising will be very expensive and inefficient. In this case, companies have 3 ways: to hire a specialist, to conclude a contract with a third-party specialist or agency, or to study advertising in social networks on their own. There are enough materials on this subject in the public access, including social networks themselves as there are detailed instructions for placing advertising.