Don’t Take a Laptop on Travel

Should I take a laptop on travel? Less than ten years ago you would have answered yes without hesitation! Without laptop while travelling to send an email, you would have to look for an internet cafe or use an old slow computer at the hotel. Now a lot has changed. Modern smartphones allow you to stay connected during the entire journey. So now, searching of an answer to the question – Should I take a laptop on a travel? Ask yourself a simple question – Why do I need it?

For most people the need for a laptop comes down to reading news, watching videos, sending letters and messages or uploading a photo to Facebook. With all this tasks a smartphone or tablet will do fine.

There are few more reasons why you should not take a laptop on a travel.

1. Compared to a tablet and a smartphone the laptop is more fragile. Any laptop has air vents that water and dust can get into. Tablets and smartphones are more protected from external influences and moreover some of them are waterproof, you can even shoot video and photos under water.

2. At the airport you might be asked to turn on your laptop. Turning on the laptop and loading the operating system often takes a long time, you have to wait for the loading in the queue of nerve passengers who are also waiting for security checks. And then – after passing the test, you have to turn off the laptop which will also take some time. Tablet or smartphone turn on and off much faster.

3. Vibration and shaking are disastrous to the hard drive. The hard drive stores all your files, photos and all laptop data. If the power source is lost, the laptop is shaken or dropped the hard drive may be damaged and all information will be lost. Tablets and smartphones are deprived of this disadvantage because they do not have a hard drive. All information is stored on the tablet’s built-in memory or in the cloud.

4. Most cases of laptop breaking in airplanes are due to the fact that when you open the laptop its lid bumps against the seat in front of you. A passenger sitting in front can recline the back of his seat without warning you. In this case there is a high chance the laptop will be broken. Tablets and smartphones are safe as their complete absence of the lid.