Accessibility and mobility at destinations

In order for a destination to become a smart destination, it is necessary that activities, tourist places and attractions are easily accessible to everyone, without exception, and the tourist can get to them easily and without queues.

In addition, it is desirable that the tourist get to these places with minimal harm to the environment and with a minimal carbon footprint.

Despite the apparent simplicity of the task, its implementation is often complex and requires assistance from local authorities.

Here we have collected examples of different options for solving the problems of accessibility and mobility.

Mobile apps

How various applications help travelers with disabilities to fully travel and make tourist facilities and services accessible to everyone. Link

Donostia / San Sebastián

The city has specially designed special sidewalks, elevators, parking lots, toilets for people with disabilities. Public transport and taxis are able to serve such tourists. Through Whatsapp, you can contact a special accessibility service. Expanding audio and video accessibility. More.  


A special guide to tourist places with increased accessibility has been released. Link


A special tourist guide has been released with a detailed route for people with reduced mobility Blue line. Link


The Tur4all special project aims to provide accurate information about all tourist places, organizations and services that people with disabilities can use. Actually, the provision of accurate information for tourists is one of the goals of smart tourism. More


A special website provides accurate information about the suitability of certain places and institutions for people with disabilities to visit. A special system of Access Denmark labels has been developed with special labels so that people can immediately understand if this place or institution suits them for a visit. Link.


A map of bike rental locations is available to the public, making it easy to find transport and help solve mobility problems. Link


Bicycle rental app operating in several cities in Ireland. Link


Information page dedicated to cycling tourism in Kaunas with tips, maps, routes. Link


There is a separate Page on the official tourist website with descriptions of cycling routes. Link


The official website has a separate section on transport and mobility for tourists. Link.  


All tourists who stop at registered accommodations are issued a free transport card, which allows them to solve mobility problems using public transport. More.

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