Collaboration DMO with local travel businesses

The cooperation of destination management with local hotels, museums, guides is also communication, and the stronger this communication is, the smarter tourism is, the more tourists end up buying local services.

Unfortunately, DMOs do not always pay due attention to communication and contacts with local businesses, but the situation is being improved.

Here we have collected some examples of how local authorities communicate with local businesses and help them communicate with tourists through official tourism resources.

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Local tourism businesses such as hotels, guides, transport are posted on the official website.


Local hotels are posted on the official website.


Local guides are posted on the official website.


The government supports the development of smart tourism among local businesses. More


The government holds conferences and publishes educational literature for businesses to teach them sustainable development. More.


The Thai authorities are gathering a team of local tourism professionals to further promote tourism in the country. More


The authorities support the development of small businesses, including tourism. More


Tour authorities introduce new standards in the tourism industry after discussions with local tour businesses. More.


Tour authorities join forces with stakeholders and public organizations to develop smart and sustainable tourism. More

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has a dedicated TED Tourism Business Assistance Program that helps small businesses in the region become more sustainable and adopt digital skills and technology. More

Danang, Vietnam

A Model for Smart Tourism through Digitalization of Small Businesses. More.

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