Accommodation News in Sustainability

According to various estimates, hotels and other tourist accommodations are responsible for 1-2% of emissions into the environment.

In general, the consumption of natural resources per person in hotels is higher than in ordinary residential buildings. This is partly due to the fact that tourists take a shower more often, demand a change of linen, forget to turn off the lights and air conditioners in the rooms.

Moreover, environmental pollution is brought not only by the operation of hotels, but also by the construction and repair of hotels, since any construction site pollutes the environment very much.

Many hotel chains and individual hotels are making great efforts to achieve SDG and are trying to make the hospitality business more sustainable.

Unfortunately, many hotels, especially small ones, are not serious about this problem, they approach it formally and sometimes engage in greenwashing. Unfortunately, they forget or don’t know that more than 70% of tourists would like to travel more responsibly and environmentally and this trend will only grow.

Therefore, here we collect examples and news from around the world to show how serious the problems of sustainability and ecology are and how many hotels are already doing their business with a minimum environmental impact and developing in a sustainable way.


This hotel chain has a separate strategy, Travel with Purpose, which aims to promote responsible tourism and travel. A huge section contains a large amount of information from reports to practices. More.


Plan to make all operator hotels carbon neutral by 2030. More

Tiny Away Escape

Launched this April, Tiny Away Escape @ Lazarus Island’s five eco-friendly guest houses will be the first short-stay accommodation built on Lazarus Island. More

Zero plastic in Donostia

 Donostia authorities have implemented zero plastic practice in some local hotels. More.

BWH Hotel Group

Successful examples of sustainable development practices implemented in the hotels of the group. More

Global Hotel Alliance (GHA)

The Alliance of Hoteliers has created a Green Collection of hotels that meet the standards of a green economy. More


The hotels of the chain implement and use in practice a variety of tools for sustainability and environmental friendliness. More

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