Other sustainable tourism news

The tourism sector is constantly working to make the entire sector sustainable and environmentally friendly.

And this may apply not only to transport, accommodation and food for tourists, but also to other aspects of tourism activities.

Here we collect various news and examples of sustainable tourism that are not included in other sections.

Also, in this section you can find tips and advice for tourists on how to travel more responsibly.

Queues are the enemy of tourism

How to deal with queues in tourist destinations and activities. More

Smart tourism and SDG 15-th goal

How smart tourism technologies help achieve the SDGs. More.

4 Sustainable Travel Innovations Shaping the Future of the Tourism Industry.

Protecting ocean ecosystems, innovative jet fuels, electric cruise ships, engaging tourists in environmental protection. More

5 innovative ideas for sustainable travel

 Waste-fired thermal baths, modular hotels, sustainable short-term rentals, electric aircraft, public transport mobile app. More.

Sustainable Travel: 6 Ways to Be an Eco-Conscious Traveler

A large selection of travel tips on how to travel more sustainably: Where to Go, Where to Stay, What to Pack, How to Get There, What to Do, What Else to Keep in Mind. More.

14 of the most eco-friendly travel companies

Euronews chose 14 tourism companies and told what and how they are doing for the sustainable development of tourism. More.

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