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Developers and providers of various tourism technologies and smart tourism also contribute to the sustainable development of tourism and the achievement of the SDGs.

They are under pressure from rising trends as well as growing demand from tourists for more sustainable ways to travel.

If we understand that smart tourism is essentially a free and easy exchange of information between all participants in the tourism process, then innovative solutions and technologies increase overall awareness and, ultimately, make tourism conscious and responsible, both on the part of tourists and the travel service providers. Moreover, the transfer of impressions and the unique cultural and historical code of the destination (aka information and data) is the main task of tourism in general, and smart tourism makes this transfer easy and efficient.

Here we have collected various examples of how manufacturers of various travel technologies in practice are implementing sustainable tourism development and contributing to the achievement of the SDGs.

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The world’s leading OTA pays great attention to sustainability, promotes the sustainability of its partners and publishes periodic reports and recommendations for hotels. More.  


Data-driven technologies increase the sustainability of tourism and contribute to the reduction of harmful emissions. More.

How data-driven technology is helping to attract responsible, sustainable travelers. More.   


A well-known seller of tourist activities introduces environmental certification of the services offered. More.  


The mobile app helps consumers make more sustainable travel choices and rewards tourists for reducing emissions. More


Technological payment provider supports tourism innovation and sustainability. More


Agoda has partnered with GSTC to educate hoteliers on sustainable development best practices. More.

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