Launching an experimental website as an example of smart tourism

The website demonstrating smart tourism in practice has been launched.

Both tourists and tourism professionals often ask us:

What is smart tourism in practice?

How can I become a smart tourist?

How can I experience smart tourism?

Where do I start with smart travel as a regular tourist?

In reality, smart tourism is simple. It is a phenomenon where everything a tourist needs for their trip can be found and booked online without leaving their home. When the traveler arrives at their destination, all they need is their smartphone connected to the internet, as they won’t require any maps, guidebooks, or anything else.

To enable any tourist to try smart tourism in practice, we have launched a working demonstration website where anyone can experience smart tourism technologies first-hand. Although this is just an example, it demonstrates that everything a tourist needs, such as hotels, flights, various activities, etc., can already be found and booked online.

This works, and our new website confirms it. By simply following the link, all the necessary tourist information will be at your fingertips, no matter where you are. Our demonstration website does not require registration, payment, or any additional actions. We have made this site as concise and informative as possible.

The site consists of two parts – the top part shows how to find and book hotels, flights, and activities online before the trip. The second part shows which apps to install on your smartphone and why, to receive all the necessary information during your trip.

We hope that the launch of this site will help a wide range of travelers become smart tourists and experience all the benefits of smart tourism in action.

Try smart tourism in action now!


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