Do You Need Analytics?

The main source of information for a tourist is the Internet, before a trip there are almost no other ways to get information about the place of a future stay.

Therefore, many tourist organizations, hotels, museums have web sites and think that this is enough, and only a few of them use analytical programs.

In our opinion, this is rather careless, since owners and managers of an organization have no idea how their site works, how interesting it is for users, what sections of it attract the user more.

Moreover, with analytics you can track social networks and the effectiveness of advertising.

What is also important, web analytics allows you to determine the approximate age and, perhaps most importantly, the geographical position of users, making it easy to understand what kind of traffic visits the site and how true your assumptions and hypotheses about the interests of your potential customers are.

Therefore, if travel organizations want to have complete information about the effectiveness of their work on the Internet, analytics is must have.

The most popular resources for website analytics in the world are Google Analytics and Yandex Metrika.