How to Make Tourist Write Positive Reviews.

Tourist reviews in social networks and on various travel sites are very important for travel companies, hotels and museums. In the world of wide Internet interaction, before booking hotel or tour, tourists always watch reviews and make a decision based on the opinions of random people, who actually visited this place.

Many tour companies, hotels and travel services come up with various tricks for tourists to write good reviews in social networks, booking systems and travel sites.

Some just ask for it, some offer free services, bonuses, better accommodation, etc.

In our opinion, this is not promising, because it does not help to improve the service at all, does not lead to an improvement in the perception of this object by tourists, and therefore does not lead to improvement of reviews in the long term, but it only diverts resources to useless work. Review is a materialized perception of a company by tourist or his appraisal of an existing image.

Obviously, there is only one way to get good feedback on your object, namely, to offer tourists a really better service, and moreover surpassing their expectations. In this case, in tourism, the principle of “price-quality ratio” does not work, because the service must be excellent in any case, regardless of whether the object provides cheap or expensive services. Therefore, in this case, some price tricks, discounts, bonuses do not matter much.

To summarize, the service should work to inspire the tourist to share with the whole world excellent impressions about the object, and for this, you need to very quickly solve customer problems, provide only perfect service, surprise and simply treat the customer kindly.