Language Barrier.

The problem of a barrier-free environment is very topical — everyone should have equal access to public life, culture, transport and public spaces.

However, for some reason people forget about the multitude of tourists who, due to the language barrier, cannot fully use the infrastructure of cities, receive information and join the local culture.

In our opinion, this is a very serious problem, which tourist authorities have to solve, especially since the whole world of travel is transformed from travel tourism to experience tourism.

Even more so if local authorities want tourists to share their thoughts about the area after a trip with friends, relatives and social networks, first of all you need to help tourists to overcome the language barrier.

And here technology comes to the rescue. In addition to the usually implied Google translator installed in almost all smartphones, various technologies appear for tourism, e.g. izi.TRAVEL — a personal guide-interpreter on cities and museums. But even here there is a problem — someone has to create content in different languages, not ordinary, but artistic, and, in the light of the latest trends, in the storytelling format. However, if we want tourism to develop in the direction of culture and responsibility, we cannot do without it