Dmitriy Tin

Founder of Center Smart Tourism.

In 1988 graduated with a degree in Robotics and Control Systems

Since 2015, has been working on the problems of digitalization of tourism.

Founded the world’s first Center Smart Tourism in 2016

Since 2016, took various educational courses and trainings for tourism workers, such as:

“Цифровые волонтеры” “Digital Volunteers”

“Research Methods in Tourism”, New York University

“Portrait of a traveler” UNWTO

“Tourism statistics” UNWTO

“Sustainability of tour operators” Travelife

“Digital and service marketing in the field of tourism”, the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan

In 2016, coordinated the creation of the official audio guide of Almaty

Since 2017, coordinated the work on creating audio guides in various languages for museums in Kazakhstan.

Since 2018, has been a volunteer teacher on the basics of Internet marketing in the digitalization and smart tourism section of the Kazakhstan Tourism Association

In 2018, was awarded a diploma of the Kazakhstan Tourism Association for his contribution to the development of tourism.

In 2019, acted as a speaker at the 8th UNWTO summit on urban tourism.

Awarded in 2019 “The best of tourism industry”.

Since 2019 the owner of Center Smart Tourism GmbH

Author and editor of articles at the portal.

Studying the problems of digitalization of tourism, overtourism, smart tourism, sustainable development of travel industry worldwide.

Author of the report idea Top 10 Best Marketing Destinations of Organizations on the Internet.  Details and download link.

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