smart tourism in a museum

About the methodology

This is the 5th version of the methodology for calculating smart tourism indices in the museum. A 52-page detailed description contains the basics of museum Internet marketing and a guide for self-calculation of smart tourism indices in a museum or in any organization visited by tourists. The technique allows to increase the effectiveness of museum marketing by identifying ineffective channels and shows opportunities for improving the visibility of the organization on the Internet.

Smart tourism indices

Smart tourism indexes are developed by the mathematicians of Center Smart Tourism GmbH and are numerical indicators of the quality of the work of the museum on the Internet. Indexes allow you to track the correctness and completeness of this work both at a particular moment and for any period of time.

Users of the methodology

The methodology is easy to learn and is intended not only for marketers, but also for business leaders, especially small ones. With its help, any manager will be able to systematically assess the presence of his business on the Internet and see ways to improve the digital promotion of his business.

Terms of sale

The method is sent to the buyer by e-mail under the conditions set out below:

Using the methodology

The purchase of one copy of this technique gives the right to its practical use in one museum or organization. The name of the user is indicated on the title page of the methodology.


Idea and text by Dmitry Tin.
Editorial: Leonid Andrianov.

Additional services

The purchase of this technique entitles the buyer to a free after-sales online consultation by employees of Center Smart Tourism GmbH within one month from the date of purchase. The subject of consultations may be issues directly related to the application or implementation of the methodology at the buyer’s site.


The cost of 1 copy of the methodology is 99 Euro without VAT, payment in any currency at the customer’s choice. Payment method is bank transfer or Paypal. An invoice is issued.


Payment is made according to the invoice. To issue an invoice for payment, please send a request to with the exact name of the payer, his address and bank account.


The manual and ready-made templates are sent to the customer’s email.

Other matters

You can ask your questions about the use and acquisition of the methodology, as well as request a free video consultation by email: or WhatsApp + 49 30 52015140 

Introductory Fragment

You can download for free for review the introductory part of the methodology