The educational and methodological guide for managers and marketers of museums in English is the second book in the series “Digitalization and Smart tourism”.

The development of smart tourism is a modern trend in the general development of tourism and allows museums to attract more interested travelers and better fulfill their mission of cultural exchange between nations.

The manual on 67 pages contains a description and explanation of such a new phenomenon as smart tourism, as well as a guide to the author’s methodology for calculating smart tourism indexes in a museum.

Smart tourism indexes are developed by Center Smart Tourism based on a study of how museums around the world work on the Internet, and considered as indicators of the quality of their online work. Indexes can help to track the correctness and completeness of this work.

The methodology is easy to learn and intended not only for marketers, but also for managers and owners of museums, especially those belonging to the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises.

With its help, any manager or marketer will understand the basics of tourism digital marketing and will be able to independently assess the presence of their organization on the Internet, as well as understand how to improve the online promotion of the museum and what needs to be done for this.

The purchase of this manual gives the right to use the methodology in one museum.

The cost of 1 copy of the methodology is 100 Euro without VAT, payment in any currency at the choice of the customer. Payment method: bank transfer.

To issue an invoice for payment, please send a request to with the exact name of the payer, address, and bank account.

The methodology is sent to the customer’s email after receiving the prepayment to the bank account.

The Guideline “Smart Tourism in a Museum”

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