The methodology “Smart Tourism in hotel industry” (English version)

About the methodology

This is 5th version of methodology of calculating indices of smart tourism. Detailed description (page 51) contains basics of hotel internet marketing and guideline for calculating indices of smart tourism in a hotel, hostel, guest house or another type of accommodation. The instruction is straight forward and comes with a ready-to-use template. Our methodology helps to increase effectiveness and profitability of marketing of any hotel. Methods are based on systematic approach on online activity and detection of the most efficient available internet channels. Further, methodology allows to keep track of changes of internet indicators throughout time and enables to easily find out about opportunities to improve the visibility of a given hotel on the internet.


Idea and text: Dmitry Tin.
Translation, algorithms and mathematical components: Dr. Andrey Tin
Editorial: Leonid Andrianov.

Smart tourism indices

Smart tourism indices are developed by mathematicians of Center Smart Tourism GmbH and reflect quantitative indicators of quality of placement of a given hotel on the internet. Indices show correctness and completeness of online marketing work on a given moment or for a given period of time.

Users of the methodology

This methodology is easy to learn and implement. It is designed not only for marketers, but also for directors and owners of the businesses (especially small ones) working in hotel industry. With the help of this guideline anyone working in hotel industry will be able to systematically evaluate online presence of their business on the internet. This will certainly help to correctly improve digital promotion of a given business.

Benefits of implementing the methodology

This methodology allows any business related to hospitality industry to increase popularity and recognition of their brand on the internet, growing internet traffic and bringing new customers. This will surely be resulted in the growth of direct bookings and increase in profits of a given company.

List of contents

About the author 2
Contents 3
Introduction 6
Chapter 1. Getting familiar with terminology 7
1.1. What is Smart Tourism? 7
1.2. Content is everything! 8
1.3. Content placement 10
1.4. Modern terms in simple words 12
1.5. How to keep up with new technologies? 15
Chapter 2. Where to start? 16
2.1. High-speed internet in a hotel 16
2.2. Personal digital development 17
2.3. Working with staff 19
2.4. The benefits of online services 20
Chapter 3. Assessing the situation 21
3.1. Good or bad? Let’s calculate the indices 21
3.2. Smart Tourism Website (STW) index 22
3.3. Smart Tourism Activity (STA) index 24
3.4 Smart Tourism Collaboration (STC) index 26
3.5. Smart Tourism Response (STR) index 28
3.6. Smart Tourism Global (STG) index 29
Chapter 4. What should you strive for? 31
4.1. Website – what it should be 31
4.2. Maps and search engines 32
4.3 Web analytics 33
4.4. Social media advertising 34
4.5. Continuous monitoring and verification 35
4.6. Correct promotion channels 35
Chapter 5. Commercial Benefits of Smart Tourism 36
5.1. Analytics 37
5.2. Perspectives 37
5.3. Results 38
Chapter 6. Specialists and Scientists about Smart Tourism 38
6.1. Digital hotel transformation from Google 39
6.2. Professor Dimitrios Buhalis 39
6.3. Professor Ulrike Gretzel 39
6.4. The general manager of the Pushkin Hotel in Moscow Nikita Ushakov 40
Chapter 7. Something about technology 41
7.1. Confusion and mess 41
7.2. Robots in the hotel 41
7.3. Artificial intelligence 42
7.4. Big data 43
7.5. Smart home systems 43
7.6. Hotel technology 43
Chapter 8. What not to do 44
8.1 Rules 45
8.2 Spam 45
8.3. Do not jump on everything new just because it is new 45
8.4. Borrowing content 46
8.5. Do not deal with scammers and amateurs 46
8.6. Don’t look for easy and simple solutions 46
Chapter 9. Emergencies 47
9.1. Emergencies, pandemics 47
9.2. How to recover from pandemics and emergencies 48
9.3. How Smart Tourism helps recovery 48
Chapter 10. Sustainable Development of Tourism 49
10.1. What prevents tourism from sustainable development? 49
10.2. Overtourism 50
10.3. Why should hotels be concerned about sustainability? 50
10.4. What is paperless tourism? 51
Conclusion 51
Appendix 52
Appendix 2. Six ready-to-use excel templates for calculating indices of smart tourism.

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Methodology and templates are sent to the customer via e-mail with the condition that purchasing one instance of this guideline gives right to implement it in practice in only one hotel or another type of accommodation. The name of the customer will be indicated on the title page of this guideline.

Contents and delivery of the purchase

Together with the PDF file of the methodological guideline customer receives six ready-to-use Excel templates for clear and easy calculation of indices of smart tourism in a hotel. All contents are sent to the customer via e-mail within 24 hours since the receipt of the payment.

Additional services

Purchase of this guideline gives customer the free opportunity to consult on the materials with staff members of Center Smart Tourism GmbH for one month since the date of purchase. The consultancy could be related to any questions related to the implication or integration of the methods described in the guideline for the company of the customer.

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