Smart Tourusm in the Hotel Industry

The guideline “Smart tourism at a hotel” is the first book in the “Digitalization and Smart tourism” series. We publish this guideline based on the several years of experience of our consultations and communication with practicing hoteliers, as well as on our own research. We provide simple explanations of basic principles of online marketing for accommodation facilities. The guideline also gives step-by-step methodology for calculating and tracking Smart Tourism indices in a hotel, guest house or any other accommodation facility. Smart Tourism indices are developed by us and indicate the quality of a business on the internet. The methodology is easy to learn and does not require any knowledge of marketing. The excel templates for calculating the indices come together with the guideline. We believe this will be extremely useful for leaders of various businesses in tourism, especially small ones. This guideline will certainly give you an understanding of what and how can be improved for the digital promotion of your business. The abstract of the guideline can be found below.


Recently, there has been a lot of discussion around Smart Tourism, digital transformation, big data and other attributes of the modern world. Smart Tourism is often superficially understood as some abstract “technologies of the future”. The number of technological services in the field of tourism has exceeded a thousand, including internet services, applications and startups of different usefulness and cost. This created a “mess” not only in the information space, but also in the minds of travel business owners. This guideline is created to give specifics to the most important concepts related to Smart Tourism and demonstrate practical application of Smart Tourism in the most convenient way.

For the start, we show that digital transformation in tourism is primarily not about technology, but about establishing digital communication with a potential tourist. Catching attention of tourists on the internet is extremely important nowadays. Who would not use a computer to plan a trip and a smartphone while travelling? The guideline is based on several years of experience in conducting courses on internet marketing for travel businesses, with an attempt to bring all the information into the system to help hoteliers understand and implement the advantages of Smart Tourism. Theoretical calculations are supported by practical tips and examples that can be easily implemented by any hotel. Several Smart Tourism indices are introduced to track the digital progress of a business. The templates for calculating the indices come together with the guideline.

We believe that small hotels would benefit the most from this guideline. The main reason for this is that large hotel chains typically have internet marketers, IT specialists and a good budget for promotion, while a small business cannot contain such services by definition. It is common that owners of small hotels run the website and social networks by themselves, or control the work of an internet marketer on the everyday basis. On the one hand, it certainly requires some effort to make the steps in the direction of digital transformation. On the other hand, with the proper skill, it can become an advantage in competing with large businesses due to a faster, individual and flexible approach to both your client and your online activity. The main purpose of this guideline is to help small hotel businesses look decent on the internet and attract more high-quality customer traffic. We believe that following the steps described in this guideline will allow small businesses to become strong independent units with no cost or at a minimum cost.

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The Guideline “Smart Tourism in the Hotel Industry”

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