Free textbook "Smart tourism in the countryside"

Problems of rural businesses online

A typical problem of rural tourism businesses is that such businesses have little or no presence on the Internet due to the lack of digital skills and systems thinking among managers and owners.
At the same time, the financial situation of these businesses is such that they are not able to hire Internet marketers, SEO and SMM specialists, PR and copywriting specialists, web masters, etc.

Self-learning and self-education

To solve online problems, rural business leaders have to do most of the necessary work on their own, since technologies are becoming simpler and more accessible and their development does not require special knowledge. It is important to do it correctly and with a minimum investment of time and resources.

How and what to study

In order to learn and practice exactly what is needed, we publish and update a primer on the basics of online marketing for rural tourism businesses, which shows the general directions and practical steps that managers and owners should take.

Who is this book for?

Our primer will help any rural tourism business such as guest houses, CBT (Community Based Tourism), excursions and transport organizers to take their first steps on the Internet and constantly improve their presence in the online space.


The authors of the textbook are specialists from the Smart Tourism Center with extensive experience in teaching tourism marketing and smart tourism to various tourism organizations:
Idea and text: Dmitry Tin
Editing: Leonid Andrianov

Distribution terms

The textbook is distributed free of charge, in line with our initiative to help develop smart tourism in rural areas

How to get the tutorial

You can download the tutorial for free by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page. We kindly ask you not to print it on paper, but to use and share only the electronic version! This aligns with our paperless tourism sustainability and sustainability initiative 

Download tutorial for free and without registration: