Educational and methodological book «Smart Tourism in Rural & CBT»

This methodology was developed as part of the initiative of Center Smart Tourism specifically for the leaders of rural tourism, agritourism, farm tourism, CBT (Community Based tourism), guest houses, etc.

Unfortunately, such tourism businesses are not represented very widely and correctly on the Internet due to the fact that owners and managers often lack online skills and do not know where to start and how to properly place information about their business on the Internet.

In addition, such businesses do not have the funds to hire Internet marketers, targetologists, SMM managers or apply to a marketing agency.

Therefore, we have developed simple and understandable recommendations for any business in rural areas, which will be helpful to take a worthy place in the information space and attract customers via the Internet without any special costs and knowledge.

Naturally, this book covers only the basics of Internet marketing, but will bring practical benefits, especially for small businesses.

The book is distributed free of charge and can be downloaded from the button below:

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