Lesson 18

How to Create a Website Yourself

Own website is simply necessary for any company, especially a tourist one, as tourist services market is increasingly moving towards online. Now a company without website does not inspire confidence. In addition, website is necessary for continuous communication with a potential client.

You don’t need to hire a highly paid specialist to have your own website. In modern conditions, you can make a website without resorting to the help of web designers and programmers. In this case, you do not need to know programming languages; it is enough to be a relatively experienced PC user.

There are various builders for self-creation of websites, as well as some other possibilities, which we will talk about below.

All website builders work in about the same way and allow you to design both landing pages and multi-page sites. By the way, experts believe that sites with multiple pages have better search rankings than single-page sites. Sites are made by assembling various blocks or using ready-made templates where you can change text, images, colors, fonts, etc.

The most common universal constructors in the world:




Usually, registration and creation of the simplest sites are free, but you have to pay for additional functions. Prices usually depend on the level of capabilities of the package offered.

In addition, a simple landing page with the ability to publish news and photos can be created on Google My Business.

Google also has its own website builder.

Additionally, some companies offer website builders as an add-on to their core services. For example, Bitrix.


  1. There are a huge number of opportunities for any organization or individual to start their own website.
  2. To work with the majority of constructors, knowledge of programming languages ​​or any other special knowledge is not required.
  3. You can create a simple website for free, but keep in mind that paid design packages provide much more opportunities for website building.
  4. Learning to design websites is not difficult. The main thing is motivation. There are many educational materials on this topic in the public access, including the official websites of the above-mentioned constructors.