Lesson 1


Often attempts to manage digital marketing fail for a very simple reason: Owners and managers simply don’t have the basic knowledge of digital marketing and don’t understand how it works.

Basic knowledge gives an understanding of how the Internet works, what certain terms mean, what trends are in trend, how and what works. Without basic knowledge, all attempts to create a normal promotion on the Internet are usually doomed to failure or very expensive.

Building an Internet marketing system resembles a pyramid, where basic knowledge serves as the basis.

With a solid foundation, your online marketing system will be as effective and sustainable as the Egyptian pyramids for a long time to come. Please note that the base of the pyramid is several times larger and heavier than its top. Likewise, learning the basics of internet marketing can take much longer than mastering individual tools, but those who have learned the basics will easily master both existing tools and those that will appear in the future with ease.

Author: Dmitriy Tin – founder of Center Smart Tourism GmbH
Editing and translation into English: Leonid Andrianov