Lesson 26

Keywords and Trends for Search Ads on Google

Google’s free service is called Google Trends.

You can open it using this link.

The service works very simply – in the search bar, enter the topic you want to know about and click search.

For example, we want to know how the demand for tours changes during the year for users from Germany:

The scale of the graph reflects not real numbers, but conditional points.

100 points – the highest interest, 0 points – no interest.

You can see which region of Germany is more interested in tours:

You can also look at related topics:

In the settings, you can select the region from which requests are coming.

For example, you can see the most popular queries for Berlin:

You can see the most popular topics that people are looking for on the Internet.

Let’s see the results for a specific request, for example, “last minute tours”, from Germany:

As you can see, in September 2020, demand reached the level of 50 points, and now it is 0.

Thus, you can roughly estimate the demand for your product.

Instructions for using Google trends are here.

This service also helps a lot when you plan advertising campaigns, introduction of some new products, develop old products or want to promote your services and products to the regions.

When it comes to keyword searches, Google has a special service called Keyword Planner.

But it is not publicly available; it is located inside your Google Ads account.

So, to use it, you need to create account there.

The “Keyword Planner” is located inside the Google Ads dashboard in the “Tools” section, in the first left column:

The convenient thing about the planner is that it predicts how many clicks you can get on a given keyword, how much it might cost, and other parameters of future advertising campaigns.

For more details about the “Keyword Planner” follow the link.

And here we conclude our tutorial on keywords and search trends on Google.