Lesson 25

Paid Search Traffic. Advertising in Google Search Engine

Paid traffic means that you will pay for your site to be found online or clicked on other resources.

One of the types of paid traffic is search advertising on Google.

You can set up ads so that when someone searches, for example, tours to Turkey, your site appears in the search results.

The usual payment model for such advertising is CPC (Cost per Click), which means that payment is taken when someone saw your ad and visited your site.

On Google, the system where paid ads are placed is called Google Ads.

Tutorial link.

It is generally thought that search advertising is well suited for “warm” or “hot” customers who already know what they want to buy and are just looking for better options. That is, search ads are more often used at the bottom of the sales funnel.

Search engine advertising is probably not a good fit for telling stories about new products or your business. It is also not suitable when your goal, for example, is to increase awareness or customer coverage.

Basically, the purpose of search advertising is end-to-end sales to those looking for something specific.

There are no prices for search ads because CPCs are based on competition, meaning that an auction is held every moment and the search results show the highest paid ads.

This is a simplified explanation, but that’s how it works.

For example, I sell tours to Turkey and I want people who are looking for such offers to see my ad. Let’s say I can pay 0,5$ for each click.

Across the street, another company sells the same thing and to make their ad appear more often in search results, they can pay 1$ per click.

This is called the bid, that is, my bid is 0,5$ per click, the competitor’s bid is 1$.

Then the competitor’s ad will appear in search results more often or higher.

For example, let’s try to type in a Google search engine – tours to Turkey:

As you can see, the request is quite popular and competitive. The first 2 results are marked as Ad, which means that some companies place paid ads in Google Ads and compete with each other for this request.

Basically, this is all about search advertising, but it should be added that for effective work, you need to carefully study Google Ads. Otherwise, you can spend a lot, but not get the desired result.