Lesson 9

The Main Objective of Internet Marketing

As with any marketing, the main task of Internet marketing is to convey information about yourself and your product to potential customers and convince them to buy this product.

And since almost 100% of tourists have smartphones or laptops and almost everyone starts searching for a tourist product on the Internet, the task of digital marketing is to get into a tourist’s smartphone or laptop.

Naturally, there are quite a few ways to get into a tourist’s smartphone – these are electronic cards, and search engines, and social networks. These methods are called internet marketing tools.

Tools are both paid and free, in the form of websites, platforms and various online services.

In addition, it is important that the information gets into the smartphone only of the tourist who can or wants to buy your services and should not get into the smartphone of a tourist who is useless from a business point of view.

Further analysis will actually be devoted to how and through what tools to do this at the lowest cost and with the greatest benefit for your business.

Author: Dmitriy Tin – founder of Center Smart Tourism GmbH
Editing and translation into English: Leonid Andrianov