Chatbots for destinations

The topic of chatbots is receiving a lot of attention these days, especially in the tourism industry.

We have already addressed this issue in general in a separate article. Link

This is due to the fact that the tourism industry generates huge flows of information and often people are not able to cope with this wave of information.

The desire of the DMO to be always in touch with tourists, regardless of the time of day, has given rise to the widespread development of various chat bots both in messengers and on the official websites of destinations.

Since the number of tourists in some destinations is in the millions, this may be a good alternative to the operator, whose response will take several hours.

Here we collect examples of using bots.

Chatbots on destination websites

Chatbot on the official website of visitsingapour


After activation, the bot offers the main menu, which lists the main sections of information that tourists may be interested in:

After clicking on the “Learn more” buttons, a redirect to certain pages of the site with relevant information occurs, that is, the bot is a guide to the site.

Also, you can chat with the bot a little by selecting the button in the “Who are you”  menu:

Also, as you can see, tips on food and things to do are offered.

Perhaps the bot is programmed for more complex questions.

Chatbot on the official website of Dubai


After activating the chat in the lower right corner of the page, a menu appears with an indication and thematic photos of the sections that are of interest to tourists:

As you can see, in the menu you can select the section Flights, Things to do, Calendar, etc. When you click the Explore more button, one or another section of the site opens, that is, the bot helps with site navigation.

Bot helps to find flights:

Clicking the View details button redirects you to Skyscanner

Unfortunately, further communication with the bot did not work, perhaps for technical reasons:

Chat bots in messengers

Some destinations are experimenting and creating messenger bots like Whatsapp or facebook. Here are a few cases:

Whatsapp Chat Bot in Kerala

We have tested Whatsapp bot in Kerala, more details in a separate article

Whatsapp chatbot in Mumbai

News resources announce the launch of the official WhatsApp chat bot. Link.  

Discussions about chatbots

Positive effects of the introduction of chat bots in the management of destinations. Link

Negative aspects of using chatbots in tourism. Link.  

Generative chatbots

This is a relatively new direction in the design of chatbots, so we asked the question directly to the ChatGPT generative chatbots about how destinations can use its capabilities?

Here is the answer in full:

«Generative chatbots can be a useful tool in destination marketing by engaging with potential tourists, providing personalized recommendations, and answering frequently asked questions. Here are a few ways a generative chatbot can be used:

Providing information: A chatbot can be designed to provide information about a particular destination, such as its location, history, culture, and popular attractions. Users can ask questions, and the chatbot can respond with relevant information, providing an immersive experience to the user.

Personalized recommendations: The chatbot can collect information about the user’s preferences, such as their interests, budget, and preferred travel dates, to provide personalized recommendations on activities, tours, and accommodations. This approach can help increase customer engagement and satisfaction by providing tailored suggestions.

24/7 availability: A chatbot can operate around the clock, providing users with access to information and support at any time. This can be particularly useful for tourists in different time zones or who have last-minute queries.

Social media integration: Destination marketers can integrate the chatbot with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to engage with potential tourists and provide them with real-time information.

Language support: Chatbots can be programmed to support multiple languages, allowing destination marketers to reach a wider audience and provide support to tourists who may not speak the local language.

Overall, generative chatbots can be an effective tool for destination marketers, providing an interactive and personalized experience to potential tourists, while also improving engagement and satisfaction.»

We will not argue with artificial intelligence, especially since everything is logical. We’ll be waiting for news from some destination that will put this into practice.

Here we collect information and use of chatbots in various destinations around the world. If you have interesting examples, please send them to us in any convenient way here

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