Complaints from tourist

Travelers away from home can often get into trouble due to misunderstandings or dishonesty of travel service providers.

Then, upon arrival, tourists write negative reviews somewhere on the Internet and thereby spoil the reputation of the destination, although misunderstandings can be resolved on the spot if the tourist has the opportunity to file a complaint and take action on it immediately and without delay.

Therefore, a smart destination should hear its tourists and immediately respond to their requests.

Moreover, instead of an abstract struggle for the quality of tourist services, it is better to work and improve your work based on the requests of tourists.

Therefore, many destinations already understand the importance of such feedback and are taking steps to simplify and make it easier to submit complaints and suggestions from tourists.

At the same time, the destination should not forget about the complaints of tourists posted not only on their own, but also on third-party Internet resources.

Here we collect examples of how destinations can hear and understand the needs of their guests, as well as collect their complaints and suggestions.


The official website of tourism has a special section where tourists can easily and quickly file a complaint or make an offer. A lot of contacts are also indicated – telephones, address, email and whatsapp, so that the tourist does not experience difficulties in communicating with the tourist authorities. More


The official website has a page dedicated to complaints, however, only phone numbers and links are available from contacts, which naturally makes it difficult to file complaints and suggestions. More


The official website of the US government has a section dedicated to complaints about various travel businesses: hotels, travel agents, and even airlines. More


The official website has a special section where you can file a complaint against various tourist organizations, including taxis and restaurants. Inside each section there are call center phones, emails and forms. More.


There is even a special site for filing complaints of tourists with detailed instructions, phone numbers and emails. Link.

Google maps

The most popular electronic card also accepts reviews and complaints from tourists and often tourists express their dissatisfaction there. Therefore, both tourism organizations and destination management should monitor the reviews of tourists in this service, and, if necessary and possible, respond to them and take action. More.  


The most popular travel platform for reviews and complaints. We recommend that all travel organizations, including DMOs, monitor the opinions and reviews of tourists and take action in case of negative reviews. More.

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