30 November 2022

Many are aware of the problems on the Internet of small tourism businesses around the world.

Weak digital skills

Many managers and owners are simply unaware of new digital opportunities and do not even use free digital services that do not require special knowledge.

Not knowing how to create quality content for social networks and websites

Many travel websites, social media pages and video channels of hotels, guides, DMO host boring and repetitive content that is more likely to repel potential customers or leave them indifferent.

Misunderstanding how the Internet and digital services work

It seems to many that it is enough to create accounts in various social networks and this will be enough. At the same time, they have no idea either about the content, or about the analysis, or about Internet traffic and how it is formed.

Lack of digital travel marketing practitioners

Such specialists, of course, are in small numbers, but they usually work for large brands that can afford to hire such specialists.

Moreover, academic organizations and universities also train tourism marketing specialists in somewhat outdated and not entirely relevant programs.

Many believe that these problems are easily solved by additional education or by organizing various seminars and webinars. But here the problem is also in the lack of practical experience among teachers.

Moreover, in the digital world, technologies are not so important as new thinking and understanding of how the new world works, shrouded in information networks.

Therefore, we support the Mall Of Fame Nigeria™ initiative, which organized the Future Kids Competition and Awards 2022.

Indeed, you can teach any skill to an adult, but it is necessary to instill digital thinking from early childhood.

We hope that participants and winners in the future can be drivers of digital sustainable smart tourism and help the tourism industry, tourists and the entire industry to become more digital and interesting.

In general, we think that this is an interesting and useful experience that should be supported and extended to different countries.

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