Global Problems Require Global Solutions

The web seminar “E4 Global problems require global solutions: Rethinking Tourism” from the “OTS
Webinar Series: After the Virus” will be held on May 1st, 2020, at 11:00 AM, London. The rapid
development in aviation and mass tourism has increased passenger and tourist traffic exponentially.
Whilst the first recorded COVID-19 case emerged in China and in a short few months has spread to 210
countries globally. The impacts of this pandemic are significant for every aspect of our lives. As a global
health pandemic it threatens lives and well being of people as well as presenting a serious risk to the
global economy. The threat of COVID-19 demands immediate global actions and a rethink of risk
management strategies in tourism and hospitality. At this stage, it is difficult to know what our post
COVID-19 world will look like. However, global problems demand global solutions. We can no longer
leave such problems to the erratic swirl of global markets and ‘powerless’ organisations if we are to
achieve a world that mixes stability, equity with prosperity. The speakers will debate issues on ‘global
problems demand global solutions’ in the management of the industry.
The event is closed.