Revival of the Travel Industry

What awaits the travel industry after the pandemic? This is one of the most popular topics for discussion today. The Amity Institute of Travel and Tourism held a webinar “Revival of Tourism & Hospitality Industry: Post COVID Challenges”.

The main idea of ​​the speakers was that innovation is a very important component for the industry to overcome the crisis.

In our opinion, along with innovation, it is necessary to think about ensuring safety for the health of tourists. Visible measures in this direction will help travelers overcome psychological barriers and think less about the risk of infection. At the beginning of the post-viral period, this can play a significant role in the rapid recovery of the tourism industry.

We mean, first of all, social distance.

Perhaps airlines should think about changes in passenger seating in aircraft cabins, and minimize queues at airports. Hotels and restaurants should also consider safe accommodation.

In this case, smart tourism technologies can also help in solving this problem because the use of online resources and mobile applications while traveling significantly reduces the need for contacts with other people and, accordingly, the risk of infection.

It is about booking hotels and buying tickets online, traveling without an interpreter and guide, thanks to the relevant applications, virtual guides – we also produce them.

Also, we would like to add that those companies that weren’t passive during the crisis but gained a client base, improved their sites, kept in touch with their customers on social networks, etc. will recover faster.

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