Speeches and presentations of experts about smart tourism

Here we collect public speaking from tourism experts on smart tourism, e-tourism, digital travel marketing and the future of tourism. This section is constantly being updated and expanded. If you have interesting presentations and reports on smart tourism, please send these to us for possible publication. Contact us in any convenient way here.

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Professor Ulrike Gretzel

2016. Presentation “Smart tourism and innovation” at the 1st Seminar on Research and Innovation in Tourism, in Belo Horizonte.  Link.

Professor Dimitrios Buhalis

2018. Presentation “How smart cities evolution is revolutionising smart tourism and how we reengineer the tourism industry of the future” on smart tourism congress Barcelona. Link.

Professor Ulrike Gretzel

2020. Presentation “The smart Tourism Mindset” at Smart Tourism Congress Barcelona. Link

Professor Ulrike Gretzel

2021. Presentation “Places I’d like to go. Exploring the travel dreams of Pinterest users”.  Link.

Professor Dimitrios Buhalis 

2022. Presentation “Smart & Real time #Reignite Tourism” at webinar “Smart tourism in the new era of tourism”. Link

Dr. Soyoung Park from Florida Atlantic University.

2021. Presentation “Social Media Data Analytics for Smart Tourism”. Link

Dr Sangwon Park from Korea STRC 

2022. Presentation “Big Data in Smart Tourism Design”. Link.

Dr Hayley Stainton

2022. Presentation “ So is Smart tourism the future of tourism?”. Link.

Dmitriy Tin 

2022. Presentation for Travel Tech Academy “What is smart tourism and how to build it in 2022. Only practice”. Link.

Professor Dimitrios Buhalis 

2022. Presentation to the Major cites conference  “Smart Tourism and hospitality Cites in the era of METAVERSE towards 2030” in Larissa, Greece. Link.

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